Setting up your New Home – Utilities

Setting up your New Home – Utilities

Setting Up Utilities

One of the first steps for moving into a new home is setting up the utilities. But how do you do that? And who do you call? While the process might seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Once you know which utilities you need, you can contact the appropriate local providers to establish service. Follow these tips and you’ll be ready to settle into your new home in no time flat.


Internet service is a must-have in today’s digital world. Some providers can set up your internet along with your cable. The key here is to learn which companies are in your area, compare them by pricing and speed, and choose a plan that fits your needs. Be sure to tell the internet service provider that you’re setting up a new account. They will bring any necessary equipment to hook up the service to your home and teach you how to use it.

You may alternatively be able to use your mobile cell provider for at-home Wi-Fi.


Though not everyone invests in cable, doing so may be a wise decision, especially if local programming is important to you and not otherwise available. Cable providers generally offer packages that feature a lineup of channels with various price points. Most areas only have one or two cable providers. Also, you may want to consider cable alternatives, such as a satellite dish or services like Netflix and Hulu. Choose based on how you can access the programming you want, including local services, sports, and your favorite television series.

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Water service is critical and should be one of the first utilities you turn on. Most of the time, you just need to call the water provider in your area (city hall can clarify who that is) and ask to put the water in your name, which takes just a few minutes. If the water to the home was turned off, the water department can turn it back on, though it may require a home visit to activate the meter.


Just like with the water company, you’ll need to call your local provider to establish gas service. Someone from the gas company may need to come out to your home to turn on the service. Do not attempt to do this yourself, as there is a risk of injury.


You will also need to contact your electric service provider. They may arrange an appointment to come to the home to turn on the electricity. Or, if it is already in place, you may just need to put the account in your name.

Solar or No Solar?

If the home has a solar panel system, you might need to have it activated, which typically requires electricity. If the system is on the grid, it may be necessary to alert the electric company of this so the service can be set up. If there is no solar system on the home, you could consider investing in one. If you do, you can work with a solar provider to install the system and its components. You’ll also need to ensure the roof is sturdy enough to support the system.

Air Conditioning and Heat

Though most systems operate on gas and electric, it’s a good idea to contact an HVAC company to have your system inspected and maintained. This could include changing out filters and ensuring everything is in good working order. Doing this helps to minimize the risk of problems later.

Smart Home Systems

Smart home systems may offer a range of features to automate various tasks within your home. You can access and control these smart features remotely using a networked device, which is usually a mobile phone. Possible features include:

  • A smart thermostat for controlling the heating and cooling system
  • Fire and carbon monoxide sensors that alert when there’s a risk
  • Smart plugs for countertop appliances
  • A programmable washing machine, oven, or stove
  • Window and door sensors
  • Remote locking capabilities
  • Smart garage door openers
  • Indoor cameras
  • Video doorbells
  • Water leak and mold detectors

If your smart home comes with professional monitoring services, you can contact the company involved to set them up. Typically, you will not find this necessary. You can simply set up the smart home features on your own.

Once you have internet in place and it’s operational, you can download any app associated with your smart home to your mobile phone. Program it to include your new Wi-Fi password and access, and ensure everything is working properly. If you’re unsure how to do so, call the smart home system company to inquire about the process.

Home Security

Many homes have smart home system security systems with cameras linked to the apps. For these systems, you should not have to do much to set them up. You must download the associated app with each home security device, such as the cameras.

Other systems are professionally monitored. In these systems, a company monitors the system on an ongoing basis, responding if there is an alert. It can send emergency teams to your home if there’s a need. In this situation, you will need to call the security company, switch the service into your name, and set up a payment schedule.

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How to Choose Providers

For services such as gas, water, and electric, most locations do not have more than one provider. To find out who the provider is in your area, reach out to city hall or talk to your neighbors. When it comes to other providers, such as your cable, internet, and home security system, do some research. Consider factors like the following when choosing a provider:

  • Does the provider offer the level of service you need?
  • What pricing options are available?
  • Are there long-term contracts to sign?
  • What do local reviews of the provider tell you? (Check out the local Facebook groups for some insight.)
  • How do you pay for the service?

Are You Ready to Learn More?

Moving into a new home is exciting, but there is some work to do. Leverage the resources at Leelou and move in with confidence. We educate new home buyers to make the buying process easier.

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