Hiring movers? Here’s what to know…

Hiring movers? Here’s what to know…

So you need help moving? If you’ve got even a handful of items just a little too heavy to move on your own, you’re likely to need moving labor. Whether due to injury, inability to lift heavy items, or just not having time, moving labor can make moving 10x easier than trying to do everything yourself. With the assistance of moving labor, your move can be super easy and essentially leave you with nothing to do other than sit back, relax, and let your movers know where to put your boxes. 

However, if you’re hiring moving help, you need to know a few things to have a great experience. In this post, we will find out some of the challenges involved with hiring movers so your next move will be smooth sailing. But first, let’s check out some of the benefits it provides.

Benefits of Hiring Movers 

Hiring labor provides massive benefits if you can’t lift heavy items or don’t have the time to do everything in your move. So what are these benefits? 

Save Effort with the Heavy Stuff 

One of the major benefits you get from moving labor is simply the assistance with any heavy lifting. There are many reasons you may not be able to lift heavy items, including: 

– Existing/ongoing injury

– Lack of strength 

– Awkwardly shaped items 

Any professional movers you hire will be well-qualified in helping you move heavy stuff and will also have the tools and equipment necessary to make things that much easier.  

Prevent Injury 

If you’re trying to lift large awkwardly shaped furnishings by yourself, the risk of injury is surprisingly high. You only need to strain a little too much trying to haul a sofa out of the moving truck to put your back out. According to TheGoodBody.com, 80% of adults experience some back pain or injury in their lifetime without considering heavy lifting. Professional movers use the correct techniques and posture to shift heavy items and use the correct equipment. So why not save the risk and let laborers take care of things? 

Save Time 

Hiring movers is a fantastic way to save time if you’re super busy and don’t have the time to load/unload boxes. If you want a job done while you do more important things, the time moving laborers can save you can be worth its weight in gold. Just think of your productivity and all the other things you could be doing. 

Trust Not To Break Stuff 

Placing your trust in someone else to handle your precious belongings is a big thing! But the best moving companies are trained to handle your stuff professionally. Although you’d like to think you would personally handle your things carefully, leaving it to the professionals means you don’t risk breaking your stuff. And if an accident was to happen, company insurance policies mean it doesn’t fall on you. Always pack your fragile items properly before handing them over to laborers. 

Challenges of Hiring Movers 

Despite the many benefits, some challenges are involved with hiring moving labor. 

Finding a Reputable Company 

When you hand over your trust to handle your precious belongings, you want to be handing it to a company that’s used and loved by thousands, expressed in fantastic online reviews. Although these companies are generally on the more expensive side, it’s essential to weigh up how important having your things moved by a trusted company is compared with a cheap, badly reviewed company. 


According to Shift, the average interstate moving cost in the US is $4,100. The high cost of moving, in general, is one of the most significant disadvantages when hiring moving labor. The best companies are usually the most expensive, and if you’re on a tight budget but still need help, this can make things very stressful during a move. 

However, if you need some affordable moving labor, there are still some great options for you. For example, check out Yelp for local movers in your area or U-Haul for one of the more affordable options.  

Lack of Control/Flexibility 

When you hand all your stuff over to be moved by someone else, you lose the flexibility in when and where you move your stuff. For example, you’ll have to work around companies’ mover’s availability rather than on your schedule. You also won’t have complete control over where you put your things, especially if you’re not present to oversee things. 


This is the big one. You need to be comfortable with movers first handling your things and moving them, whether around the corner or on a long-distance move. You should only hire labor from the best companies available. 

The more you pay for your labor, the reliance you can place on laborers to handle and safely deliver your things. While if you hire labor from small local businesses, the level of service you get can differ greatly. 


So there you have it, that’s everything you need to know when hiring movers for your next move. Any stresses regarding moving and hiring movers should now be a thing of the past. So, to recap, here are some of those challenges for you to consider:

  • Find a reputable company 
  • Cost 
  • Lack of control/flexibility 
  • Trust 

Happy moving!

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